A compelling read for B2B strategists and marketers

B2B buyers have changed the way they evaluate and purchase goods and services—yet most B2B suppliers still approach their markets with the same, propaganda-like messages they’ve always used. The challenge now is for such companies to move from propaganda to credibility. From the role of “salesperson” to that of a customer advocate. And from broadcasting self-recommendations toward a more powerful model where people recommend the company and its products to their peers.


“The Death of Propaganda” opens the doors to the future of B2B marketing. Decades of traditional hard selling promotion has made the industry deaf. Even the channels for retrieving information inspiring NPD and enhancing purchasing has changed. Today, sharing knowledge is the way to get in dialogue. The book provides an excellent frame-work as well as practical tools to navigate and succeed in this new world.”

Anne Host Stenbak, Industry Marketing Manager
EUROW Marketing, DuPont Nutrition and Health

The Death of Propaganda presents Three Voices™ strategy, a step-by-step recipe for meeting this challenge via three distinct “voices” of stakeholder engagement: Voice of Company; Voice of Industry; and Voice of Customer. All three of these Voices need to be integrated into top-level business strategy, and incorporated into marketing and communication plans to fully address the needs of the new breed of B2B buyer.

The book explains the underlying need for designing marketing and communication plans around these voices. It describes what each of these ‘voices’ is and what role it should play in reaching and persuading B2B buyers. Finally, it provides guidance for marketers and communicators as they create the elements and infrastructure to support each of the voices.

If you’re a C-level executive of a B2B company still trying to sell its products with hyped-up, self-centered and self-promoting messages—or you’re just looking to bring your company’s market approach up with the times, then this book is for you.

 What’s in the book?

  • Powerful arguments to convince top management of the need to change your company’s market approach
  • A step-by-step metholodogy for implementing a Three Voices™ strategy
  • Content marketing tools
  • Valuable hints on how to work with YouTube, Twitter, videos, podcasts and more
  • Notes pages at the end of each chapter to scribble your thoughts


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